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Sewer Replacement

We specialize in Sewer and Drain Line repair and replacement.

Potential signs/symptoms of compromised drain lines under the foundation include (but not limited to):

  • Slow/clogged drains repeatedly.
  • Gurgle sounds coming from toilets, sinks or tub/shower?
  • Cracks in sheetrock inside of home.

Video Camera Inspection

ProForce Plumbing offers a video camera inspection to properly diagnois issues with drains and main sewer lines.

The fiber optic video camera is used to visually inspect and evaluate the interior condition of the drain lines.

  • Corroded cast iron drain lines
  • Line separation
  • Tree root infiltration
  • Sections with back fall, “bellies”

Hydrostatic Test

A hydrostatic test is performed to determine if the drain system under the slab has been compromised.

We would begin the testing process by placing a rubber test ball in an accessible exterior clean-out to block the sewer line. A commode on the first floor is removed. The drain lines are then filled with water (no additional pressure is placed on the drain system). A constant drop in water level would indicate a leak or multiple leaks on the drain system.

Pin-Point Static Test

A pin-point static test would then be recommended to identify the location of the leak or leaks on the drain system. Note-We do not recommend pin-point static test on cast iron drain systems.

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Covid 19 Safe Plumbers
ProForce Plumbing takes the current pandemic health situation very seriously. All of our techs are required to wear new gloves and masks at every appointment. We also extensively sanitize all vehicles, tools and practice healthcare grade hand sanitization. Please contact us for any special accommodations for those that may have additional concerns or are part of an at-risk popluation
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